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Insulting ICarly Nevelocity

Ya know the webshow and TV show called Icarly. Well on one of the TV episodes there is a 11 year old boy named Nevel and he made his own website call Nevelocity.com and one of the mean girls named Tiffany has a Nevelocity account and Carly handed her a flyer to watch Icarly and she said that on Nevelocity that Nevel puts all the cool websites and games and she said that icarly wasn't on there so she said I guess Icarly isn't cool. So then Carly e-mailed Nevel about Icarly and the next day Carly was gonna get interviewed by Nevel and Nevel kissed Carly on the cheek during the interview and she got mad at him so she put toponon all over Nevel's face and Nevel got mad about Carly putting toponon on his face so on his site he put that Icarly was boring. So he insulted them and there show Icarly how rude!!! So if you happen to search it on google or something and you find Nevel's Nevelocity then don't make an account if you want to then that's ok to. I'm not gonna force you to do it.